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Archive for April, 2009

Exercise…For the Brain!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Forget about your body for a moment, and think about fitness for your brain!  Researchers have begun to take notice of the fact that baby boomers and even younger people in their thirties are beginning to worry about the health state of their brains!  Memory loss and a general slowing down of brain function have become legitimate concerns.

But don’t fret, there is good news!  According to research, there are initiatives you can take to maintain a strong mental edge and solid memory retention.  Although these strategies cannot necessarily prevent such diseases as Alzheimer’s or dementia, they can serve to preserve memory longer, and lessen confusion of the mind.

Many researches think it is not far fetched to assume that one day we will be hiring cognitive trainers for our minds – not just fitness trainers for our bodies.

In the meantime, we can follow these three simple steps below to maintain a healthy mind and keep it as sharp as possible, for as long as possible.

Unplanned Physical Activity

Keeping physically active through planned and premeditated activity is one thing, but apparently spontaneous-style physical activity proves to relate to brain fitness.  For example, engage in gardening, dancing, or cleaning to keep a mentally healthy brain.

Regular Brain Challenges

Challenge your mind on a regular basis.  Do crossword puzzles, photo hunts and word searches.  Visit your local museum or science centre.  Go to concerts, seminars and tradeshows.  New material for your brain is always beneficial to preserve effective cognitive functioning.

Keep up Social Activities

It has been said that those who are highly involved in social activities, keep sharp, mentally fit and of sound mind for longer than those who tend to drift from their social settings and withdraw from society.  Try to stay involved in active communities, social settings and various activities.

Although none of the recommendations above can guarantee that you will not experience memory loss, in combination with lifestyle changes and possible medication, the process can be slowed and the likelihood greatly reduced.  Plus, you never know, you may just have some fun in the meantime!

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