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Archive for January, 2009

Physical Activity Can be Fun!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

This is a recent article that went out to all of our newsletter subscribers but we wanted to share it on our blog as well for all to read!

It’s 2 words:  Nintendo Wii.  Nintendo Wii is a video game system which is focused on player interaction.  Now, don’t be discouraged by the words “video game” – this is not your typical sit-on-the-couch, twiddle-your-thumbs, remote-in-hand video game system.  Nintendo Wii involves physical action!

Nintendo Wii uses a hand-held wireless device (remote) which is used as a pointing device and can detect motion in three different dimensions.  Motion and physical movement is the name of the game.  Your motions are detected and displayed on the screen in front of you!

Nintendo Wii, somewhat unexpectedly, has generated an enormous fan base of older adults and seniors!  Many seniors who were once very active and competitively involved in sports are now avid users of Nintendo Wii – even participating in competitions against other seniors at local community centres and retirement homes.  The Nintendo Wii system gives seniors the opportunity to have fun and be active in a non-straining way.

Physical therapists have even begun to think of Nintendo Wii as a useful and beneficial tool for their patients.  It gets the blood flowing, promotes physical activity, and makes therapy enjoyable.

Many retirement residences throughout Ontario and Canada have purchased and implemented Nintendo Wii systems for their residents.  It keeps people active and promotes social times with others.  Furthermore, it attracts family members (particularly of the younger generations) to visit and share an activity with their elders, which fosters happiness and togetherness.

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