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Benefits of Senior Travel

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Traveling is one of the most popular ways seniors and retirees like to spend their time.  Travel opportunities are endless.  You can plan a quick road trip to see some famous Canadian landmarks, drive along the coastline of the United States, or enjoy an extensive tour of Europe, living in different cultures and experiencing new ethnicities – at your own pace!

Specialized Travel Companies for Seniors

There are numerous specialty travel companies specifically for seniors and older adults. Trips are designed to suit the travel needs of older adults. You can custom build your very own trip to see the places you want to see, at a price you can afford. Given the current state of our economy, travel costs are lower and travel is among the top ten recommended areas to spend your money in a weak economy to benefit from the best deals!

Keep Your Mind Sharp by Traveling

Travel offers a unique form of stimulation for our minds. In many cases, leisure travel can improve your mental health through:

· Reduced stress levels

· Heightened feelings of relaxation

· Personal growth

· Increased self esteem

Seniors who travel are more likely to interact with fellow travelers on vacation, which increases their social participation. In personal travel, seniors can benefit from a sense of connectedness to the world and comfortable social belonging with other travelers.

Outside the Comfort Zone

It is far too easy to become ‘set in our ways’ as we grow older. Seniors often become more settled and increasingly domicile. Parties, social gatherings, sports events, and trips slowly drift away unless we make a point of staying involved. The more time we spend in our ‘comfort zone’ the less we learn, the fewer people we meet, and the more disconnected we become from society – which can ultimately lead to a hasty mental decline.

Senior travel gives elderly adults the opportunity to relax, unwind and experience fresh surroundings. Visiting famous landmarks is educational and offers valuable intellectual stimulation. Your body has a chance to adapt to new cultural characteristics, food and climate. New people will stimulate your mind in a social manner.

Travel is known to increase positive feelings both physically and mentally.

So if you have a few extra dollars in your pocket this summer, consider taking advantage of reduced travel prices and visit a part of the world you’ve dreamed of your entire life!

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