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5 Tips for a Happy Holiday

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

The holidays can be fun and exciting, but they can also be stressful. As seniors, we must be mindful of our health and our wallets – since both are easy to throw on the back burner in the midst of all the holiday cheer.

Write a List

Instead of walking through the mall aimlessly in search of the perfect gifts for friends and family this year, try to come up with a useful list ahead of time. Think of those small yet thoughtful gifts that might be a good idea for the grand kids. Your list will help you stay focused without straying too far away from your budget or your thoughtful ideas.

Walk the Mall for Exercise

Instead of viewing your battle with the mall crowds negatively, think of this as a good time to get some exercise in the warm indoors! Walk at your own pace, get some shopping done, and don’t forget to take breaks and drink lots of water as you stroll.

Gifts from your Kitchen

Try a different approach this year, with a few thoughtful gifts right out of your kitchen. Buy a couple small baskets from the corner store and fill them accordingly. For the cookie lover in your family, bake a few of your favorites and put a selection of cookies in the basket along with a few recipes, cookie cutters and some sprinkles. For your close friend who enjoys a nice homemade jam, dig up a couple of those old antique style jam jars, fill them with your famous jam recipes and add a couple of biscuits to go along nicely with them. Finish off each holiday basket with some cellophane wrapping, ribbon and a big bow.

Tone Down the Responsibility

Remember, the holidays are a time for close celebration with friends and family. Too much emphasis is often placed on the meal, when really all anyone looks forward to is some great company. Eliminate a few of your most difficult courses from the menu this year and keep it simple. (I bet no one will even notice.)

Keep Your Veggie Intake High

Your body still needs all of the nutrients it did before the holiday season began. Don’t leave it high and dry as you relish in all of the delicious fried treats, baked goods and decadent meals. If you plan on diving into a less healthy but tasty dinner later on in the day, make sure to prepare a light salad with all of your favorite vegetables during lunch hour.

Happy Holidays from Senior Service Directory!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

When seniors move to assisted living facilities or nursing homes, oftentimes the transition is accompanied by cutting back on personal possessions. Gifts that are consumable, or are things they can actually use are better than those that need to be stored:

•    Gift cards to a favorite store
•    Special foods and holiday treats
•    Coupon booklets
•    Long distance phone cards
•    Assistive devices that could make their lifestyle more comfortable
•    Interesting magazine subscription
•    Books to read

Be creative this holiday season and give your senior loved ones a gift they can put to good use!

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